Emerald Creek Garnet Ltd.
an Opta Minerals Company
office (208) 245-2096
fax (208) 245-5309

Emerald Creek Garnet, Ltd.® (ECG) - an Opta Minerals Company, is a world leading supplier of industrial garnet abrasives, waterjet blast abrasives, and water filtration media. Emerald Creek Garnet, Ltd.® has been mining garnet in the Carpenter and Emerald Creek basins near Fernwood, Idaho since the 1930's. It is one of only two commercial garnet operations in North America. The ECG deposits are an almandine-type garnet that is the hardest and most durable type for industrial use. Garnet's hardness, high specific gravity and chemical inertness make it an ideal material for abrasive blast cleaning of metal or stone, abrasive waterjet cutting and water filtration applications. The ECG operation produces some of the highest quality garnet in the world while meeting strict environmental standards in its mining to carefully maintain the landscape among the mountains of beautiful North Idaho. ECG has won a number of awards for environmental excellence and safety including safety awards from the Mine Safety and Health Administration in 1995 and 2005. Our industrial grade garnet abrasives can be sized to be the perfect solution for your blasting, cutting and filtration needs.